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An eco psychology certificate are my credentials but before the MCFT is my name and that's my business; being human. What sets me apart from the other clinicians is that I haven't lost the ability to be moved in the room. Vulnerability is my super power! Folks are willing to touch their pain because I'm not afraid to travel there with them.

I hold my MA in Marriage,couples and family therapy from Lewis and Clark school of counseling. From teacher, to lead guide in a wilderness program, to therapist, I hold many life experiences that help me to facilitate growth and change on multiple levels.

I am able to help folks come to answers that they already hold within themselves by asking questions they may not have thought. Therapeutic relationship is a different way of being in the presence of another. 

I started my journey towards becoming a clinician when I saw the profound healing that came from human connection. To be truly seen, felt and heard is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another. 

 There is a saying that even in disaster you should look for the helpers; it is my hope that through my work with couples, individuals and families they will see the growth and hope that is in helping in our work together and in themselves.

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